Самообновляемый Плейлист RusIPTV.m3u

RusIPTV - self-updating playlist for IPTV

RusIPTV - самообновляемый плейлистSelf-renewing
playlist for IPTV

Finally I decided to take the responsibility of a constantly working playlist and now I am making my auto-update M3U playlist for IPTV for you.


Installation RusIPTV.m3u

Now setting the best playlist «RusIPTV.m3u», You can forget about searches for current m3u files.

I will set you working channels for you, sort / replace / remove non-working ones.

All that remains for you to do is to set a link to my playlist.

If you do not know how the playlist is updated:

The file is first overwritten on my server, after which the playlist is updated in your player automatically.

This only happens if the playlist has been added by reference.

If you downloaded it with a file, there will be no updates. (I update 3 times a week)

Download playlist – http://iptv.glav-noe.ru/RusIPTV.m3u  (Russian channels, WITHOUT channels 18+)

Better copy the link
 – http://iptv.glav-noe.ru/RusIPTV.m3u  to your IPTV player.

Play list for adult uncles and aunts – http://iptv.glav-noe.ru/RusIPTV18.m3u  (Russian channels, With channels 18+)


Now this is a stable link that contains an always working sheet with TV channels for free.

So far this is the first version and there is nothing special, just 300+ Russian-language channels.

HD channels are few so far, as not all of them go, with our slowed down Internet, in the evenings.

But in the future I will add something interesting, and maybe what you offer in the comments.

I hope for your support that you recommend to others and share in the social. networks.

Bookmark the page and find out about updates and changes.

For consoles WORLD VISION (with IPTV function) and the like, I am attaching a file with a link to this playlist iptv_server.zip

For SS IPTV - register a PHP link to the sheet  http://iptv.glav-noe.ru/RusIPTV.php or http://iptv.glav-noe.ru/RusIPTV18.php

See also New movies for IPTV and Smart TV

And, remember - IPTV is not very friendly with Wi-Fi, therefore, ideally - to connect wired Internet, otherwise it is possible to slow down some TV channels, especially UDP streams from various sources (not from your provider).


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